Our Services

The portfolio of digital marketing services we offer helps businesses to :

  • ACQUIRE customers through offline and online campaigns which drive customers to web presence
  • CONVERT leads into sales online & offline
  • RETAIN and grow customers, repeat visits, and sales

Portfolio of Digital Marketing Services to Choose From

Acquire customers through

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Online advertising
  • Email marketing

Convert customers through

  • Content marketing – articles, blogs
  • Social e-Commerce
  • Social contests & deals

Retain customers through

  • Social customer service
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Net promoter score analysis

Your Virtual Social Media Assistant


Digital Interactive Menus/Catalogs & Social e-commerce

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Digital Marketing / Market Research

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Say goodbye to paper menus and paper product catalogs. Save your design and print cost

Welcome Interactive Digital Menus & Product Catalogs

Say Goodbye to Paper Menus & Paper Catalogs


Digital Menus for Restaurants (Benefits to Restaurants)

Feedback from restaurants who use digital menus internationally show

Digital Menus for Restaurants (Benefits to Customers)

  • Convenience of ordering while dining -in – using tablets and smart phones diners can place their order in restaurant . No more waiting for staff to place orders
  • Order from anywhere – customers can order for delivery or take -away from the digital menu
  • Pre-paying for Dinner – Customers can reserve tables, place their order and make payment ahead of arriving at the restaurant

Future Trends in Restaurant Industry

Guest – facing technology – interact directly with diners through different electronic devices and programs, like digital ordering

Pre-paying for dinner

Digital menus from Fingertip Orders helps to make your restaurant trendy on track with future trends


M-commerce Trends

  • M-commerce will remain one of the leading growth areas for some years, driven by the younger generation and its mobile-centric lifestyle.
  • 33% of internet users in the Gulf regularly use the internet for purchasing or researching purpose. But only 15% of Middle East businesses have online presence. (Source: Gulf Business).

Digital Product Catalogs (Benefits to Retail Outlets & Customers)

Pre-book products

  • For stock clearance sales or special offers customers can pre-book online & collect it in-store

Ordering for delivery

  • Cash on delivery / credit / debit card payment options

Inventory tracking

  • Helps to keep track of stock of products

Facebook Store

  • Integrate product catalog on your FB page
  • Customers can order from FB page

Digital catalog can also be saved as a web app on your mobile

Main reasons why customers are beginning to prefer shopping online

73% – Saving time

59% – Easy to compare prices

58% – No crowd, shop at convenience

40% – Spend less on fuel

E-commerce platforms

Selling online simplified

Take your business wherever you go with your own custom branded and mobile friendly e-commerce site at very affordable rates.

We will assist you in setting up your virtual store step by step.

We help businesses to tap into the upward trend in online shopping which continues to grow with each passing year.

Omni channel is the new norm
  • 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another, according to Google.
Spend 3 times more
  • Multi-channel shoppers shop more often and spend over 3 times more than your single channel shopper.
roi-imgDigital Marketing / Market Research

Market Research

Customer Feedback Monitoring & Analysis

Do you know what your customers say about your product / service?
Do you know what factors are considered important by your customers?
Do you know what is your Net Promoter Score? – Likelihood of recommending you, the most important growth indicator
Do you know whether customers will consider you for future purchase?

Digital Marketing Portfolio

Helping businesses connect with their customers 24/7 along with our strategic partners

  • Search engine optimization to drive traffic to web presence


  • Optimize your website to make it dynamic & responsive to smart phones & tablets, and enhance customer experience

Website Optimization

  • Mobile or web apps to enhance the digital experience
  • Cloud server softwares

App Development

  • Articles, blogs, reviews, videos, infographics to convert customers to buy

Content Marketing

  • Logo
  • Marketing materials
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters

Design Services