3 Important Benefits of Digital Content Marketing for Small Businesses

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“Content is King”. A phrase which has been repeated several times by digital marketers in modern era. However, the innovation is “content marketing is the Queen”.

And that’s is 100% correct. No content is great until promoted at the right time, at the right platform for the right people. The importance of digital content marketing becomes much important when it is related to small businesses. The reason is small businesses do not have sufficient marketing budgets. Considering the fact that digital marketing has grown at very fast pace and small businesses have made a great dent to multinationals, there is a ray of hope for every other small business to create an impact with effective digital content marketing which can lead to higher sales and profits.

Here are 5 important benefits of content marketing for small businesses which can‘t be overlooked.

1. Content Delivers Consistent Value to Potential Buyers (And To Google)
Creating an informative website is a good step for business. Adding social media profiles to the marketing plan is an add-on. But after you have created the website and profile, the next step is to motivate your customers to buy. It can only be done by creating and delivering valued content which educates them about your product and the solution it has to their problems.
The best part is in the process of distributing consistent content, you also give search engines (like Google) the signal that your content is fresh, relevant and valuable. This eventually leads to higher rankings of your website on search engines.

2. Content Marketing Acts as Word of Mouth
“Word of mouth” is the best marketing tool in modern age. It not only reduces the cost of acquiring new clients, but it also helps in form of free brand promotion.
According to the researches around 82% of Americans seek recommendations from family and friends In addition, 67% expressed more likelihood to buy any product recommended by social media.
There are several searches which have shown similar results with difference in figures, yet strong likelihood of buying in case of recommendations made on social media.

3. Digital Content Promotion Fuels Multiple Online Marketing Channels
A little content tends to go a long way. For example a blog post can be shared across multiple social media channels such as weekly email newsletter, an eye-catching infographic, Twitter tweets etc.
The gated content (which requires a reader to fill a form with basic information about him) can be helpful in collecting potential leads.

Keeping these points in mind it is impossible for small businesses to avoid embedding content marketing in their marketing plan.