Social Media: It's kind of the oldest form of marketing,
Word of Mouth,
with the newest form of technology.

Social Media Management

Outsourcing social media management, a smart option

If you don’t have a staff who is qualified and trained to manage your social media accounts another option you could consider is outsourcing to a digital marketing agency like ours.

How can we help you?

With our social media management services you can:

  • Create new account or audit existing profile
  • Streamline and optimize the existing profiles
  • Discuss with you to understand your objectives and expectations
  • Prepare your content plan and editorial calendar
  • Develop your content strategy – what to post, how to create, how often to post, when to post
  • Create paid campaigns – decide campaign objectives, custom audience creation, budget finalization, getting creatives right
  • Evaluate and prepare analytics report every month

For paid campaigns in social media, an additional budget, affordable to you must be kept.

With us you get to finalize how much you would like to spend on social media management every month. So, lack of budget will never be a constraint for you.

If you are still debating whether to outsource or not, check out the 5 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency to manage your social media accounts.

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