If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.
If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Social Media Trainings & Workshops

Why social media has to be managed by trained staff

Trainings & workshops we offer  on social media marketing as well as digital marketing are practical, hands-on and fun to learn.

You may already have an in-house staff or team managing your social media accounts. But are you happy with the results you are getting?

Probably not, and can you guess why?  One sure reason is the fact that your team has not been trained in social media management.

How can we help you?

If this is the scenario you are facing then we can provide customized, hands-on social media training & workshop, for your staff to manage social media in a professional manner.

But to optimize your results you need to integrate your website, social media, mobile, email marketing and search engine marketing (SEO and paid search).

To do this you should have an understanding of the gamut of tools in the basket of digital marketing.  Social media is just one of the tools of digital marketing.   We also offer training and workshop in digital marketing tools and techniques.

Training & Workshop Outline

  • Training modules are designed for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter.  Training for other
    platforms or digital marketing can be given on request.
  • Each module’s duration is 3 hours with Q & A.
  • One month’s FREE consultation is provided after the training as additional support
  • Based on your needs and requirement ask for a customized quote that fits your budget. The fees of a standard module start from USD 149 per participant.

Learning Outcomes

On attending our trainings & workshops each participant learns about:

  • An overview of digital marketing, role of social media in digital marketing
  • An introduction to each social media platform
  • How to create a profile or audit an existing profile
  • The key features of the social media platform and how to use it
  • Content strategy – what to post, how to create, how often to post, when to post
  • Creating a campaign – deciding campaign objectives, custom audience creation, budget finalization, getting creative right, content creation
  • Evaluation and analytics

Remember, trained staff always helps you to optimize the results you can get from your digital marketing.  So make use of our trainings and workshops to improve not only your social media accounts but also your digital marketing.

Get a quote from us for customized trainings & workshops on social media or digital marketing for your staff.