Facebook And Twitter Facts Which Will Make You Think

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How Important These Social Media Platforms Are For Your Business

Facebook and Twitter have taken a key role in overall social media marketing strategy. Avoiding these social media platforms can take away a good chunk of sales and profits from you to your competitor. Here is a list of some interesting facts showing the power of these two platforms.

Facebook is the Most Visited Website of All the Websites

Yes, this is true. Facebook is the most visited website among all the websites. Imagine if your competitor is active on Facebook with a well-planned social media marketing strategy and you are not.

Facebook Active Users Are Over 1.79 Billion

Yes, this is true again. There are 1.79 billion-plus monthly active Facebook users worldwide with a 16% year over year increase (Source: Facebook as of 11/02/16). It means Facebook cannot be ignored anymore.

Facebook Has 1.66 Billion Active Mobile Users

Mobile marketing has grown rapidly as people are switching from desktops to smartphones. According to Facebook as of 11/02/16, there are 1.66 billion active mobile users on Facebook. That means in case you are targeting mobile or smartphone users, Facebook is one major social media platform to be considered.

Paid Advertising on Facebook Is Growing

Facebook (along with Twitter) will have the major chunk of digital display ad expenditure in U.S. It is expected to be 33.7% of the market in according to Emarketer. This means more and more businesses are trusting Facebook for brand awareness, brand promotion, sales and better ROI.

50 Million Plus Business Pages On Facebook

Facebook is becoming a great platform for businesses and globally, businesses are accepting the fact. That is the reason there are 50 million business pages (as of May 2015). One of the major reasons is businesses are able to interact with their customers (and prospective customers) in no time.

Twitter Is One of the Top 3 Social Media Platforms

Twitter is the second largest social media website with 310 Million monthly active users. With such a large chunk present on twitter, it is unavoidable to integrate Twitter into a social media marketing plan.

Presence of Business on Twitter

As of 2015, around 66% of U.S businesses are using Twitter for marketing purposes. On the other hand, research shows that till 2014, 83% of the “Fortune 500 Companies” has active Twitter profiles. Another interesting fact is that 47% of the Twitter follower who follows a brand are likely to visit the company’s website too.

Twitter Paid Advertising Is Twice As Effective As an Organic Tweet

In comparison to organic tweets, Twitter paid ads are more likely to convert. The ratio is of 1:2.

Social media marketing is a combination of advertising and branding which require a high level of expertise. If you really plan to capitalize on social media then hiring social media marketing services of an agency or an expert is the best option or else you may end up ruining your business and brand.