Digital Marketing Simplified


  • Digital marketing so far meant social media to you. Now you are beginning to realize it is much more than social media alone.
  • You have been trying to do digital marketing in-house but now realize that your staff are not trained to handle it.
  • You want to improve the performance of your social media accounts but don’t know how to do it.
  • You would like to use digital marketing but have never used it before and don’t know where to start


    Your businesses should enjoy the vast potential and benefits digital marketing offers.

    There are three services you can choose from :

    1. DIY – Do-It-Yourself: You would like to do it yourself but need guidance

    2. DWY – Do-It-With-You: You want me to work with you to solve a digital marketing issue or learn to use a tool or technique.

    3. DFY – Do-It-For-You: You want me to manage the full digital marketing for you as you currently face time and resources constraints

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Thank you for stopping by.  Welcome to this unique digital marketing consultancy with a personalised approach.

Here you will receive the right guidance in the a-z of digital marketing.

Business owners, marketing professionals and start-ups can use a customised 1-on-1 consulting service (can be online) providing the right guidance and support in using digital marketing.

You can start with a 30 mins free friendly chit chat to understand your business, problem areas and support you are looking for in digital marketing.

It’s simple.  Without searching further for answers and solutions feel free to ask all your questions.

I can assure you, these 30 mins will give you useful insights into how you can use digital marketing. Once you have the clarity you are free to decide your next step.

Lini Reghunath, Digital Marketing Specialist & Trainer

One call to know more about the
digital marketing solutions