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1-on-1 trainings & workshops (can be online also) are targeted at businesses and individuals who are looking for guidance and support in using digital marketing. This is an ideal choice when you need a positive outcome but is short on time, expertise & resources to accomplish it yourself at your end.

Choose the option based on the type of support you need and the time you can commit.

DIY 1-0n-1 coaching in digital marketing

DIY Coaching
Choose DIY when you want advice and guidance on a specific digital marketing issue or when you want to quickly learn a new digital skill. For example, setting up a campaign, creating a content calendar, budgeting etc.

You want to learn with guidance on how to do it yourself.

1-hour online session is supported by unlimited calls until the task is accomplished.

If you feel more time is needed additional 1-hour sessions can be booked or you can consider choosing the DWY coaching.

Do-It-With-You Coaching in Digital Marketing

DWY {Do-It-With-You) Coaching

Choose DWY when you want me to work with you to solve a digital marketing issue or learn to use a tool or technique
. For example, how to create a carousel post, how to create FB instant experience, how to set up a lead generation campaign etc.

The sessions will be spread across 3 days, 1 hour/day, supported by calls & emails until the task is accomplished.

You will jointly work with me to learn and do the task.

Also ideal for managers or business owners who want to gain the knowledge to supervise the team.

You can book multiple coaching sessions if you feel you need more time. Each additional session will be a block of 3 hours.

Do-It-For-You Coaching in Digital Marketing
DFY (Do-It-For-You) Consulting

Choose DFY when you want me to manage the full digital marketing for you as you currently face time and resources constraints to manage it at your end.

Milestones will be set for each month with weekly reviews.

Minimum 3 months contract.

Ideal for businesses who would like to set up a new digital marketing division or team or revamp their existing marketing. To get a customised quote please get in touch,

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If you have any queries please email me

Lini Reghunath
Digital Marketing Specialist & Trainer