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Our Story

A digital marketing strategist/trainer and Chartered Marketer residing in Bahrain for the last 25 years, my journey from being a trainer to the owner of a digital marketing consultancy, spans over 24 years, with many lessons and skills learned along the way.

At a certain crossroads in my journey I had to decide between switching jobs or becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship it was. Thus, 5Ps Marketing & Consultancy, Bahrain, a B2H marketing consultancy was born.

"Being an entrepreneur gives me the flexibility to spend time with my son, Rohit. This blessing outweighs all the other risks I have to face."

Marketing is still seen as an avoidable expense, and not as an investment that can help businesses survive or flourish. The beauty of digital marketing is that it can be done even with a minuscule budget. Most SMEs struggle to maintain a professional digital presence and cope with the pace of developments in social media and digital marketing.

We assist our clients, mainly SMEs, to ACQUIRE, CONVERT and RETAIN customers with an affordable budget, using digital marketing; help enhance their customers’ experience at various digital customer touch points like website, social media, emails, SEO, newsletters, blogs, etc., and evaluate the customers’ feedback and satisfaction scores, continuously.

To use digital marketing to expand your business, or for a free consultation to assess your current digital presence, please feel free to contact me at lini@5ps-mc.com or call / WhatsApp 973 66330069.

My areas of expertise in digital marketing include:

Lini Reghunath
Digital Marketing Strategist/Trainer
Email: lini@5ps-mc.com
WhatsApp: 973 66330069