Our Customer Optimization Techniques Make Your Social Media Marketing Result-Oriented

5 Challenges Faced in Social Media Management

Lack of Time

You are always wishing you had TIME to manage social media

Unable to Keep Pace

Not able to be up to date with new social tactics that deliver real results

Trial & Error

Depending on guesswork & trials to deliver results

Lack of Content

Not having the time or resources to create relevant content

Lack of Database

Not knowing how to create a custom audience of social media followers

Social Media Management Process

6 steps followed to streamline your social media management

  • Social media profile audit against a check list
  • Decide your objectives for using social media
  • Prepare an editorial calendar
  • Create or use curated content
  • Decide what content to post in each social media
  • Analyze results
  • Analyze Results

  • Posting

  • Content Creation

  • Editorial Calendar

  • Objectives

  • Profile Audit

Social Hifi Services

  • Editorial Calendar preparation
  • Social Customer Service
  • Content Creation
  • Social Product Sampling
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Social Contests & Deals
  • Content Posting
  • Monitor mention of your brand in any post

Social Hifi’s services include both customer acquisition and customer optimization techniques which are needed to make your social media marketing result oriented